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Lancashire Champion Gundogs
Situated in the heart of Lancashire, we are relatively new to gundogs having no previous involvement during my younger years.

I have watched carefully over the years trying to pick up anything I can from the experienced trainers, this has contributed to me training 2 of my own dogs and gaining awards in field trials. Every trial I have finished I have been lucky to finish in the top 2 every time bar 2 which I gained x1 4th & x1 COM.

As well as training my own dogs, I’ve also been on The Spaniel Club Committee, which I feel has given me an insight into how much work goes on behind the scenes, arranging trials and championships alike. It has also allowed me to give back to a sport I’ve grown to love.

Not to mention the “Trialling Spaniel Magazine” which we released in 2016 which contained 5 editions of interviews/insights with spaniel enthusiast. You can find all 5 editions on my page below. I hope you enjoy them.

We must always remember, its a hobby, so we have to be enjoying what we do.

I’ll hopefully see you on the circuit.


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