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We hope to breed dogs who are well put together, with good size and power. Below are the attributes we hope the pups we breed inherit:

Springer Spaniel Gundogs
  • Natural AbilityGame finding ability, marking, gun sense, wind treatment.
  • TrainabilityThe dog takes to any task given without closing down or taking a while to recover from setbacks.
  • ConfirmationStraight legged, long in the back, low tail carriage, good size head and muzzle.
  • PowerTo be able to push through the thickest of cover without slowing in pace, jumping or swimming with little effort.
  • Size –  A good well put together dog who has a presence.
  • Soft MouthA dog must treat the game with utter respect, keeping a hold just tight enough to carry but not so much it damages the game.
  • Quite in the kennel and fieldAn eliminating fault in field trials, a dog must be totally mute, training/competing/working.
  • Team Player/Honest A dog that works for you and not himself.
  • StylishPleasant on the eye whilst hunting for game.

With all the above in mind, we are always on the lookout for proven studs who compliment our bitches and will hopefully produce pups with above attributes, as you will see all my dogs have solid bitch line and I will only breed to studs with a proven bitch line.


From the first 2 litters registered under Mulraven affix, there has been x1 FTCH, x1 FTW, x1 FTAW to date.

Mulraven Bred

Springer Spaniel Gundogs

FTW Mulraven Mismark

Springer Spaniel Gundogs

FTCh Mulraven Medlaress of Cindersash

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